Welcome to Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker

Ailie Cohen is an illustrator, designer, puppet maker, performer and puppetry director, creating emotionally rich and compelling theatrical experiences which highlight the beauty  and surreal in the everyday.

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1. To engage the imaginations of all ages.

  1. 2.To bring people together.

  2. 3.To be clear, humorous, informative and stimulating.

  3. 4.To be as curious and truthful as possible.

  4. 5.To work hard at noticing how odd, beautiful, strange, frightening, amazing, delightful, depressing and magical it is to be human, then working even harder to record, capture and then carefully let it back out all over the stage or the page.

  5. 6.To encourage and facilitate people’s desire to participate in artistic activities for the benefit of their joy, community, health and well being.

  6. 7.To not take oneself too seriously and to take the work very seriously, 

    especially when not trying to be serious.